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a sit down with Jen Kerkado, Transitional Mindset Coach and owner of Commit to Explore

Q. You are a Transitional Mindset Coach. Can you tell us a little about what a Transitional Mindset Coach does?

A. I am a Grief & Life Coach, focusing on helping people who are grieving the loss of a loved one shift from grief and guilt to peace and honoring the love they lost in the shortest time possible. As a Life Coach I support people who are in transition in their career align with work that they are passionate about.

Q. How did you come into this line of work?

A. I left my career in corporate sales to do work that is meaningful to me. I was burnt out and frustrated because my livelihood was far from making me feel alive. I needed a change and so I hired a life coach. That 3 month investment in working with a coach changed my life. It gave me clarity and lifted the veil of fog that cluttered my vision of what was possible. I left an amazing opportunity and a company I respected to enroll at the Health Coach Institute. The rest is pretty much history. I have since invested the last 4 years in my coaching education. I am a certified Transformational Health, Life & Grief Coach.


Q. Bring us through the typical process in working with you.

A. I offer several different options for clients. In my grief coaching I offer an 8 week group coaching,. For clients who want 1:1 experience I offer a 12 week private coaching. I offer grief coaching to parents who have children going through grief and 1:1 pet loss grief coaching. I fell into grief coaching by referral and realizing how no one, including myself, really understands how to navigate grief. I wanted to be able to support people so that no one ever has to feel alone when losing a loved one.

For my Transitional Life Coaching I offer 1:1 coaching. I have clients that work with me for as short as 3 months- and as long as a year.

Q. Who would be a great candidate to work with you?

A. Anyone who feels lost, and wants support, accountability and someone who has unshakable belief in the them.


Q. Nutrition, Meditation and Movement all seem to be an important part of your programs. Can you tell us about how these play into your services?

A. I love creating experiences for groups whether it's VIP days for corporate clients, working with nonprofits, cancer survivors, etc. Incorporating guided meditation, movement, & coaching creates such a powerful breakthrough and offers deeper insights allowing people to be cracked open, receive hope & support on their journey.

Q. You always have some really incredible events going on. Anything ongoing or coming up this summer that we should look out for?

A. Anyone can join my Mindful Mondays at Town Neck Beach in Sandwich from 6:30-8:30 PM on Mondays through August 19th.

Also check my website for future events being offered or to inquire about booking an event @

I also offer a private group page for people going through grief called "Honoring The Love You Lost".


Jen Kerkado is a Transitional Life & Grief Coach at Commit to Explore. Check out her website to learn more about her offerings: