Nutrition for Healthy Skin

by Emma Josselyn, owner of Eden Skin Care

Everything in our bodies is connected. That’s why the health of our skin can be a reflection of our health on the inside. In addition to our way of life and genetics, what we eat can definitely play a role in how our skin looks and feels. Eating the right foods (and drinking plenty of water!) will not only help keep skin hydrated and glowing, it can help minimize conditions like dryness, sensitivity, and acne. A lot of people will attempt to treat their skin with products alone, not knowing how important it is to look at what they are eating. Do your best to eat foods that include these nutrients as often as you can, and you'll enjoy having a healthier inside, as well as a healthy and beautiful outside!

Vitamin A


Vitamin A is a key nutrient that encourages healthy skin cell production. It stimulates the cells that produce collagen and elastin to help keep skin firm and healthy. Brightly colored foods high in vitamin A are also high in beta-carotene which is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are so important when it comes to skin health because they help fight free radicals caused by things like pollution, processed foods, and sun exposure. Free radicals damage the skin and lead to premature skin aging, which is why eating a diet high in antioxidants is so beneficial to the skin. Foods high in vitamin A include: sweet potato, winter squash, spinach, kale, collard greens, red peppers, mango, cantaloupe, eggs, and cod liver oil

Vitamin E


Vitamin E is another important nutrient for skin health due to its ability to help repair the skin. It strengthens capillary walls, improving moisture and elasticity, and is an excellent antioxidant that fights free radical damage. It is also anti-inflammatory, helps support cell function, and protects the skin from UV damage. Foods high in vitamin E include: almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, olives, butternut squash, avocados, and broccoli.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is also another powerful antioxidant that is hugely beneficial to the skin. It helps to reduce oxidative damage and is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, helping to keep skin firm and hydrated. Not getting enough vitamin C in your diet can actually slow down your skin’s ability to heal wounds. Many fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C, including: cherries, strawberries, grapefruit, papaya, cantaloupe, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and kale.



Selenium is an important trace mineral that is responsible for helping to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. This mineral can help prevent acne, and even aid in skin cancer prevention. It works alongside vitamin E to protect cell membranes, reduce inflammation, and fight infection. It is definitely a key player when it comes to slowing down aging and keeping skin vibrant and healthy. Foods that are high in selenium include: brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pinto beans, navy beans, tuna, halibut, oysters, oatmeal, eggs, and poultry.

Omega 3’s


Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are powerful anti-inflammatories that offer many health benefits to the skin. They help protect your skin from UV rays, reducing the chance for skin cancer to develop. They also make up a crucial part of the skin’s protective barrier. When this barrier is intact it helps with dry skin and inflammatory conditions such as eczema by sealing moisture in and keeping irritants out. Foods high in omega 3’s include: salmon, mackerel, sardines, cod liver oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.



Zinc is an important trace mineral that is key to helping repair damaged tissue and heal wounds. If you suffer from acne, it could be the result of a zinc deficiency. Zinc boosts the immune function of the skin, and helps to regulate oil production aiding in the prevention of acne. Foods high in zinc include: legumes, shellfish, nuts & seeds, poultry, eggs, seafood, mushrooms, yogurt, whole grains, and dark chocolate.

Be sure to include some of these foods in your diet if you are looking to not only improve your inner health, but your skin health as well. Of course having regular facial treatments and using high quality, professional skin care products at home is necessary as well to achieve healthy glowing skin, but don’t forget to support your skin from the inside with the foods you eat!


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