Reiki: A System of Healing

Erin offering treatment to attendees of a True You Wellness event.

Erin offering treatment to attendees of a True You Wellness event.

Cape Cod based Reiki Master Erin Peterson talks to us about her calling to Reiki, what it means to her and what it can mean to people on their path to physical and emotional healing.

For those people who might not know, can you tell us what Reiki is?

Reiki is a beautiful system of healing that was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. It involves the transfer of spiritually guided life force energy to assist in the healing process. It is a powerful yet gentle modality that can reduce stress, ease anxiety, resolve emotional wounds and dissolve energy blockages. Reiki treats the whole person- mind, body and spirit. While receiving a treatment, one simply relaxes comfortably while the practitioner uses a series of hand placements on or near the body. Most people experience a feeling of peace and security while Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands. The experience is different for everybody.

How did you come to be a Reiki Master?

I first became interested in Reiki over thirteen years ago when I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. My leg was severely damaged and the prognosis didn't seem hopeful. I spent many long months in physical therapy, in order to learn how to walk again with a degenerative and permanent disability. Rather than rely on medication, I began learning deep meditation techniques. The more time I spent learning about alternative practices, the more I felt drawn to energy healing. From then on, my spiritual journey began…I knew wholeheartedly that there was an energy available to us all. My path had changed and I realized my life's purpose was to help others in their healing process. I was fortunate enough to receive my second degree and Master attunements at Kripalu from the most respected Reiki master teacher in the northeast. She inspired me to follow through with my desire to help people who have experienced trauma as well as those who are sick or preparing for the end of life transition.

What do you see as Reiki's role in an individual's health and wellness?

Reiki is a complementary modality and works seamlessly with traditional western treatment. We all learn the importance of our physical health through diet, movement and mindfulness. However, our energy body also needs attention and nurturing. It is widely accepted that through relaxation interventions, the human body can more effectively heal- Reiki treatments are an effective way to achieve this state of being. Reiki is recognized in many of the most prestigious hospitals and health care organizations in our country. It is used in cancer centers, veterans groups, and is embraced in end of life care. For those who are seeking deeper holistic alignment, it can provide a beautiful element to their wellness.

What might someone expect from a session with you?

One can expect to experience a deep level of relaxation during a Reiki treatment. . Each session is intuitively and individually designed based on the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the person I’m working with. I use unique binaural beats and other forms of sound therapy to help people release stress and go deeper. I also utilize guided meditation and comprehensive Chakra healing to enhance the Reiki experience.

Who should come see you?

I invite anyone who is ready to disconnect from the static of day to day and ascend to a new level of wellness through connection to reach out. My goal is to make Reiki accessible to everyone and I hope to continue to be a resource for those who are truly in need. Whether you seek restoration and balance, or you feel moved to set intentions to assist in specific health areas; I can offer you a place to start. I am available for traditional sessions at my space in Mashpee as well as home visits for those with limitations.

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