Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin


By: Anya Messina

Radiant, dewy skin is the 'look' of the season, and happily it's easy to achieve with a few lifestyle tweaks. The skin reflects the body's overall health, so nourishing your optimal health will transform your looks!

The basics for healthy skin include enough sleep, joyful movement, proper hydration and limiting screen time.

The most radical and transformative step to glowing skin however is through your diet. Beauty is health - bright eyes, rosy lips, clear skin, flushed cheeks. Eat for health and beauty will follow. The fast track to vibrant skin is a raw, plant based diet. Switching to an all or mainly raw, strictly fruit and veggie diet will show up in your skin in two days. Following the regimen for a week or more will up your beauty quotient radically! Bloating, inflammation, dull or sallow skin will disappear and your skin will start to sparkle from within and your energy will soar.

Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest, nourish your body profoundly and will benefit your complextion more than any external treatment.


Superfoods are wonderful compliments, but the basics are fresh, preferably raw, fruits and vegetables. Seaweeds are rich in minerals glowing skin craves - as are onions, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and fresh fruits.

Summer, with the abundance of fresh local vegetables and fruits available, is the season where it's easiest to try this change.

You'll find the energetics of the food you consume will show up in your skin. They buoyant crunch of fresh swiss chard, lettuce, and kale will give you vibrancy. The juicy tang of a fresh ripe tomato adds a richness to your complexion. The intense sweetness of fresh ripe berries and stone fruits provide a multitude of antioxidants, adds color and vitality to your looks.


Load up on colors, take joy in preparing and eating nature's bounty and enjoy eating your way to radiant skin.



Anya Messina is an herbalist and owner of Anya's Herbals. Her hand-blended products can be found at various markets and shops throughout the Cape and on her Etsy shop: