What is a Dermplane Facial?


Everyone wants clear, smooth skin, and there are many options that alone or combined help to achieve that goal. One of my professional go-to’s is the Dermaplane Facial. Dermaplaning is a gentle but thorough physical exfoliation. This facial is safe for even sensitive skin. Using a scalpel blade held at a 45 degree angle, the skin is gently scraped, removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz! The skin is immediately smoother, reflects light better and allows for increased product absorption.  

The mechanical exfoliation of Dermaplaning speeds away old dry skin and speeds up the cellular turnover. The skin that is revealed is essentially new cells, better hydrated, smoother and helps to lighten sun damage and pigmentation issues and it aids in cleaning the pores.

My clients often ask if this will make their hair coarse and stubbly, ‘like a beard’. The hair does not grow back any differently. If it were a coarse, thick, black hair it will grow back the same. If it is vellus peach fuzz it will grow back the same.

The only contraindication for this facial is active acne. Exfoliating over active infection/pustules could possible spread the bacteria.

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In my office, I offer a Dermaplane Facial and Dermplaning is only one facet of the facial.  I customize the session for your skin’s needs. Hydration, exfoliation, brightening, LED and Microcurrent are all additional modalities that can be layered onto this treatment.

As in any case, the skin must be protected with daily SPF, timely reapplication and a WIDE BRIM HAT. Baseball caps only cover your forehead leaving the sides of your face and neck vulnerable to the sun’s aging rays. The brim must be at least 4” all the way around.

Ask your skincare professional if a Dermaplane Facial would benefit your skin.

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