The Bird In the Window


There was a little old lady who owned a small bird which she kept in a cage in the corner. She fed it, talked to it, and every morning while sipping her tea she watched the bird, who clung to its perch, watching her sip.

Once a month on a beautiful day, she would give the bird a "special treat" by placing the bird cage in front of the window, slide the window open, and let the bird bask in the sunshine and soft, warm breezes that playfully rustled the leaves of the mighty Bo tree next door.

For the bird, this was torture.

Because once a month on a beautiful day, the bird would look out the window and agonize. "Oh, how I wish I could fly up to the sky! I would make so many friends! Maybe I could meet my mate, and make a nest in that pretty sounding tree...and maybe have baby chicks of my own! I could learn to pull big, fat worms from the cool grass--Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish!!

You could see how this would drive any bird (ahem) cuckoo.

Well, on this one particular beautiful day, the old lady brought the bird cage to the window and slid it open, but this time she forgot to latch the cage door, and when the warm breeze filled the room with fresh air, the cage door creaked open wide.

Noticing its luck, the bird began to sing. "Finally! I can leave this cage and fly high up in the sky! And make new friends! And find my mate! And make a nest in that pretty sounding tree! And we'll all dine on big, fat worms from the cool grass!"

But then the little yellow bird hesitated...It didn't move.
It just held on tight to its perch thinking...which turned into worrying...

"What if I can't fly so high? Maybe the other birds won't like me! I'll never find my mate, and never have my chicks! What if I can't find any worms? How will I eat?!" And while the bird pondered all the bad things that could happen on the other side of that gloriously open window, the old lady realized what she had done, closed the cage door, put the little bird and its cage back in the corner, and vowed never to make that mistake again.

The End.

Not a very happy ending, right? OK, maybe I'll never make it as a children's book author, but here's the point. We've all been that bird. Opportunities surround us every day, but behind every bold move--no matter how great or small--our brain is there to frighten us, tell us to "watch out", and warn us that maybe it's "not safe". Ever been afraid to leave your job when another opportunity presented itself? Ever feel stuck in a relationship for fear of being alone? Ever shy away from putting yourself "out there" for fear of rejection? All too often our comfort zone can start to feel more like a "smother zone".

These times of feeling stuck is where I good coach can really help. Will a coach open the the window for you, or unlatch your cage door so you can fly free? Heck no!! The window is already open, and the cage door was never closed. You are cleared for take-off! But, just like the little bird clinging to its perch, often times we humans need help loosening our grip.


Chirp, chirp.

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