Solar Energy - Why it's a No-Brainer

Q. What is the Number One thing the average consumer needs to know about solar energy?

A. That solar is affordable, mostly maintenance free, and the system is paid off in an average of 4 – 6 years; completed installation usually in one day, and it is income producing – not to mention it reduces a home’s carbon footprint and contributes to a healthier environment.

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Taking out a loan to go solar is a great move. In most cases, the customer is cash flow positive in the first year. You are missing out on a great financial opportunity if you do not go solar!

Q. We hear that renewable energy is better for the environment, but can you tell our readers specifically why?

A. For every kilowatt of electricity produced, carbon is released (from extraction to transporting to burning of the fossil fuel), which contributes to air pollution, unhealthy oceans and climate change. When we install solar power it lowers our use of fossil fuel and carbon impact. Kindly note the recent storms we have been experiencing. Experts are saying that the arctic melting is in large measure creating this storm cycle in the northeast.

Q. Cotuit Solar has been around a long time (over 30 years) - how has the company lasted that long? Tell us your secret.


A. We are a local company that prides itself on consistently delivering exceptional customer service and products. We also have a philosophy that “small actions by many is the means to a sustainable future.” We also make going solar easy! We provide complete turnkey services including: system design; energy needs analysis; economic feasibility studies, installation and commissioning. Our in house expertise assures you are taken care of every step of the way.     And, we are fun to work with!

Q. How have you seen the solar industry evolve in the past 10 or so years?

A. The solar industry has made leaps and bounds in the technical end as well as the affordable end over the past 10 years. We are able to compete with traditional fossil based electrical energy generation and will continue to do so as more efficient modules come on line. Installed solar systems cost 70% less than they did 10 years ago.

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Q. Who is the ideal candidate for a solar installation?

A. Anyone and everyone. If you have a sunny roof and or yard, you can go solar. If you do not have a good site for solar, you can subscribe to get your power from a community solar project.

Electricity rates are not going anywhere but up, and the cost of installing solar for your home is dropping, making solar more affordable. Tax incentives, the DOER SMART program (Department of Energy Resources Solar Energy Renewable Target Program) and free electricity make solar an excellent investment. If you are not considering solar for your home or business, you are missing out.


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Cotuit Solar LLC can design, install, and commission complete turnkey systems for your home or business. They are a full service, locally based contractor, renowned in the community for their expertise and quality of service. Check them out at: