Detoxing for the New Year


The magic of the Holidays is upon us. Twinkling lights decorate many homes. Store front displays inviting us to take in the beauty of the season. Most every village of the Cape and Islands celebrating with a Christmas Stroll. The Holiday Live Love Fest was a true testament of the inspiring small businesses that make our community amazing. Wrapping those prized gift choices for friends and family is just one of the many tasks we balance with our normal “adulting”. Oh, joyous December. All the to dos, extended family, social obligations, sugar overload and more. No wonder we careen into the eve of every new year with tired eyes focused on creating a serene rebirth. A clean slate. An empty canvas. The best intention.

What really matters for you as you celebrate the season and move into the New Year? How will you flow into the serenity of a clean slate, new calendar, blank page, white canvas of 2019? Some people think about a cleanse to detoxify and recover from the stressors of life. There is a lot of research on how a healthy gut can create better digestion, improved energy, clearer thinking, and loss of extra weight.

When we detox, we remove a harmful substance or effect of that substance. As a massage therapist I understand that the Skin, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver and Intestines process wastes produced by the body. It is amazing that our body is such a miracle, it’s many functions and processing wastes. So how can we help our body?

* Stay Hydrated: catabolic waste remains after breaking down large molecules into smaller ones. Urea, ammonia, and uric acid are the three wastes that must be flushed out and excrete.

*Eat Healthy and Organic, when possible. Digestive waste is what remains after we break down our food - keep it healthy by choosing foods wisely.

*Get Moving to help your body detox - try something new - a yoga class, pound class, dance class. Sweat can help the body eliminate toxins.

*Cultivate Meditative Moments - quiet nature time to regroup and focus. Moving meditation works too. Hike. Bike Walk and Breath!! Bring a friend too. Four legged friends will love it.

*Feed Your Spirit. Listen to music. Pray. Nurture your soul. Reflect. Believe. Journal. Create a vision board. Paint. Read. Write poetry.

*Pay It Forward - with simple acts of kindness. Volunteer. Check in on your elder neighbor. Enjoy a birdfeeder. Call your friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Write a letter. Print that awesome photo and give it to someone who needs a pick me up.

*Breathe - metabolic waste is produced when a cell uses oxygen and nutrients to create energy. This carbon dioxide is exhaled through the lungs.Breath with intent - breath is a true and clean energy source!

I would recommend Cheryl Richardson’s book The Art of Self Care. It may inspire you to live more fully and lovingly for yourself. As Richardson states, ‘you will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet., why not make it a good relationship.’ I had the good fortune of hearing her speak at the Spirit of Change Expo in Malborough last month. She has a new book that can help define a better insight for those of us in our midlife, Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters.

And try to maintain the idea that every day is the best day of your life. Let that be your daily mantra until it is believed. Until it is true.

Happy and Healthy 2019.


Reva Joly is the owner of Reva Joly Massage Therapy located at 4 Bacon Terrace in Hyannis. She is a 2001 graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute and 1993 graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Member of the Cape Cod Woman’s Association, AMTA, Cape Cod Chamber, and NCBTMB. Reva has worked at Harborpoint in Centerville a Benchmark Assisted Living for elders with Alzheimer’s as a programming assistant since 2008.

Reva, along with Alice Curran and Ayanna Parrent, has created True You Wellness. Their goal is to bring together holistic wellness professionals on Cape Cod to educate and bring awareness. Join them for a wonderful afternoon at Cape Space January 13th 1-4pm for their second annual Community Wellness Expo.