Movement is Medicine


Do you ever feel like exercise is just another part time job? Or punishment for something you ate or didn’t eat?  To get results, and I’m not just talking about the six pack of abs you see on Channing Tatum in Magic Mike or the  physique of Jenny from the block on the 2018 VMA’s… but to get spiritual, mental, and physical results you must turn that part time job of exercising into a lifestyle. You must form a relationship with your goals of getting in shape. You can’t work out to punish yourself or it will never work and you’ll find yourself in a rat race of never-ending criticism along with a down right unhealthy relationship between movement and its true purpose its serves within ourselves which is to nourish our physical connection with our body and soul. Getting in shape mentally is just as if not MORE important than your physical desires you seek and WILL come with hard work and dedication. To work hard and become dedicated to something, you need to love it. Not just love the way it sounds or seems. You need to physically do it, love it, and live it.


I think that’s one of our biggest problems today. We try something and instead of doing it or continuing to do it because we love it and it makes us happy, we do it because it’s what we think is going to help with X,Y,Z which will in return help with X,Y,Z which will make us happy. WRONG… we have it all wrong. Then we are in something, we think anyway, so deep that now we are stuck and we can’t get out. WRONG AGAIN. We can always change our path, seek a different route, and start again.

There are so many different movement practices out there today. You can run, walk, lift weights, do yoga, cycle, swim, do cross fit... The list goes on. It’s important to try new things and to also keep trying new things because you certainly do miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Cliché, I know…but it’s the truth! After trying something new you need to do it consistently for a bit to decide if it’s for you. Too often we try something for the very first time and decide right after that we don’t like it. I think it’s doing us such an injustice by doing this. For many, we quit right away simply because it’s too hard or we weren’t good at it. Who are you comparing yourself to? The same person who has been practicing for 15 years? You need to be realistic and honest with yourself and not let your judgment be clouded by comparing yourself to anyone but your own self.

When you have found something you love you will know it. You will know it because movement will no longer feel like a punishment or a part time job. It will give your life purpose. It will help you grow and change. It will be your daily medicine to nourish your body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It will be the movement you chose because you love it and it makes you happy.


Kayla McAdams Rigsby is the owner of Simply Rooted Soul, which offers Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching, Buti Yoga & Simply Rooted Meals; Weekly, Customizable, Whole Foot Meal Preparation.

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