The Gift Giving Guide

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Life is full of gifts.  Waking up healthy, being free, and feeling safe and supported are just a few of the basic life gifts for which we all hope. When you are conscious and present throughout the day you will find the universe also presents us with love, beauty in our natural surroundings, opportunities for growth, freedom to plant the seeds of what we wish to grow, and space to create.  All you have to do is tap in. 

With the winter months upon us there is no better time to go inside. Physically, we retreat to a warm home, then spiritually go in to the depths of who you are. The best way to do this is find a quiet seat and space, from there think about gifts you both give and receive.    

For many of us the thought of gifts bring joy and gratitude my hope is the following exercise will create these same joyful feelings. 

I invite you to make a gift giving guide for 2018; one that is written down in order to hold yourself accountable throughout the year. For this exercise let's use each season as a pillar for the year, there are four.  What is one thing for each season that you would like to give yourself or someone else?  When answering this question be intentional about what your gifts will be. Some of my favorites include:

  • Objects or items that you have collected along your path in life are the best gifts to pass on to others. My aunt Fran has taught me the art of giving away personal things once I have fully enjoyed them and no longer need them. You can be sure this gift is one full of love as it was once something you cherished.  

  • A token or object that resonates with you. This gift is something that you are drawn to and enjoy in return the receiver is sure to be filled with love. A dear friend shared with me recently that she enjoys giving a vintage beaded purse to a future bride. This is a timeless gift of beauty and glamor that every bride should feel and given her love for vintage fashion it is a perfect fit.  

  • Self-love is gift we should never forget.  Giving yourself time and space to rejuvenate will then allow you the space to show up fully for your life.  There are so many ways in which you can love and rejuvenate yourself.  Self-love might include a walk outside, meditation at sunrise, a yoga class, a hair appointment, getting your nails done, dinner with a friend, a nap, or a bubble bath to name a few.  


My inspiration for creating and sharing this guide is from the season just past in which we refer the time of giving. The gift I received and have enjoyed reflecting on the most is a handmade Crèche. This Crèche was made from cedar wood in Israel given to be from my sweet eight year old nephew. It has been great fun to ponder why he gave me this particular gift.  Does he sees me as a spiritual guide, or maybe he thought the figurines were cool like his auntie, or maybe he was inspired to someday be such a talented woodworker?  What the answer or reason he chose this gift is not important, but knowing something from me radiated within him to give the gift is what fills me up with love, and for that I am grateful. 

The next season upon us is one of love.  I do hope you all remember the month of love is equal parts giving love away and loving yourself.  By starting the year off with this gift giving guide my hope for you is this will be a year of love and joy in every season of your life. 



Dana Cox is a local yoga instructor with hopes of sharing practice in order to connect with one self and community both on the mat and out in the world.  She believes that yoga is for everybody, and her approach is to make it simple, make it fun, and a way for you to connect with your body. She teaches group classes at Power Yoga of Cape Cod in Dennisport three days a week; a one hour class called Rise and Shine offered at 6:00 am.  As a young professional with a full time job in the corporate world this class early morning allows for practice time and balance before starting the work day.  Once you get there everyone says “this is the best way to start my day”.  She also teaches private classes and special events, she looks forward to meeting you on your mat!!


Instagram: yoga_by_dana