Five Things That Make Community Acupucture Very Effective


In my last blog, I discussed my transition from private room acupuncture to Community Acupuncture, where people are treated together in a group room, with an affordable sliding scale of $20-$40 per treatment. Having worked in both kinds of clinics puts me in a unique position to understand the benefits of practicing community style. Here are five benefits of Community Acupuncture that stand out for me.

Patients trust me right away

Establishing trust is crucial to any healing relationship. A sliding scale, with no proof of income required, goes a long way towards establishing trust. With the sliding scale, I’m telling the patient that their financial realities matter to me, and they matter to me. That I’m not just interested in treating the wealthy, I’d like to treat everyone.

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Patients can afford frequent treatment

In China, acupuncture daily or every other day is the norm. Scheduling treatments closer together, especially at the start of a course of treatment, makes them more powerful.

Needles can stay in as long as the patient would like

Master Acupuncturist Dr. Richard Tan has said the first 15 minutes of the treatment is for the person to relax – after that, the needles can really get working. Letting the treatment last for 50, 60, even 90 minutes can add power. It’s not always necessary, but there are cases where it can make all the difference.

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Group Qi gives my treatments power

Like meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Qi and Yoga, an acupuncture treatment can avail itself of the magnifying effect of group practice. More treatments happening simultaneously in the same space = more Qi = better results.

Mirror Neurons lead to deeper relaxation

According to Wikipedia, “a mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.” Humans are social animals. When we see others being treated and relaxing around us, it allows us to trust that it's safe for us to relax too.


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Diana Di Gioia is the owner and Licensed Acupuncturist at Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod in South Dennis. She currently treats patients on M/T/R/F.

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