A Creative Toolbox for the Average Human: Keep Breathing and Laugh Often


We are only 17 days into this new year of 2018 and already I know that every tool of peace, awakening, awareness, creativity, focus and compassion must be used this year and used with great love. What a gift it is to be living in a human body when so much is changing on our planet. There is change in our climate, our institutions, our economies, our politics, and even within our own bodies and cellular structures. How are you changing? How are you resisting this change? When is resistance a tool of empowerment and when is resistance creating suffering? This is a question I meditate on often. With everything happening in our world, taking time to reflect, turn off devices and voices and thoughts of others, and going deep within our own beings is no longer a luxury, It is a necessity!

We are in an extraordinary time and I am grateful for the creative and spiritual tools I have developed over the past 12 years. In this blog I will share a few of them. Please know that many beings are sharing tools right now and It doesn’t really matter which tool you choose, what matters is that you CHOOSE a tool and TRULY APPLY it in your life. WE NEED YOU NOW more than ever to be your most powerful, most creative, and most balanced self. This is the year to remember who you truly are and you don’t have to do it alone!

After you read this, I encourage you to put down your phone or your computer, breath deeply and take the time to practice what you are learning or reading about. Give yourself the gift of being still in your OWN breath and awareness and let yourself FEEL how truly powerful you are. And then, connect with others that also want to practice these tools and teachings. Not only is your own breath sacred, but the connection of your breath to others is crucial and will help you feel even more powerful.

meditation full moon deck.jpg

Meditation: What is it? How can I start doing it? If I am already doing it, how can I deepen it? The most important element of any kind of meditation practice is breath. Are you aware of your breath? This awareness does not need to happen while sitting in a perfect position or in a special class. You can be practicing meditation in every moment of your life. If you are unsure of what meditation is, or you think it’s for only “spiritual woo, woo” people, I encourage you to actually consider a meditation practice in 2018. Not only will it eliminate unnecessary suffering for you and others, it may awaken you to who you truly are and allow you to be in more service of those around you. There are many different ways to meditate and I encourage you try on and see what works for you. YOU are your most important teacher and though other teachers will arrive to help guide you, ultimately you must begin the journey within and get to know your OWN being. If you are just starting out or looking for a new technique I recommend these options:

1.    Come to one of my classes at the YMCA - every Wednesday morning at 7am or an evening class at Sounding Still Wellness in Hyannis.

2.    Try this free guided meditation for 2018 from my friend Vivienne Gerard

3.    Read or download this book, Mindfulness by Derek O’Neill and come see him in person in March in NYC or LA

4.    Check out Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s meditation challenges available online

Creativity & Play:

Remember when you were 6 or maybe 3 and you could play for hours outside or with your legos and you were not thinking of anything else, you were just present in your play. We all need to be doing this as adults. We need to be allowing ourselves to be fully present in play - without alcohol or sexual desire or any other addictive habit that we may have developed as an adult. We need to give ourselves time to innocently, freely,and creatively PLAY.  This could be skiing on a beautiful day with your kids, going outside to look at the stars, or losing yourself in a truly beautiful novel. This could be writing in your journal and making silly and fun sketches or could be dancing around your house to your favorite song. Whatever it is, I am telling you, you must begin to access your creative self in a consistent and joyful way.

When so much in our world is shifting and we are witnessing destruction on multiple levels, we must balance it with an active sense of creativity. As someone who experiences loss, I can tell you it is is creativity that has saved me in my darkest moments. Listen to this - some kind of poem/prayer that I wrote on January 1. It probably sums it up much better than anything else i can write: BE CREATIVE.

And again, you are not alone, so seek out a fun class or fun people that will help you access this creative player inside.

Forgiveness & Compassion


When all is said and done, if you can’t take a moment to forgive yourself and others, you will never find peace. Forgiving is not forgetting or allowing bad behavior. Forgiving is a deep sense of trust - a sense that everything is here to awaken me and nothing is here to hurt me. Without meditation and creative play, I would not have found the level of forgiveness and compassion that I now experience. So be gentle with yourself and others. Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’re got - including you. Slow down. Take time. Breathe deeply. Listen to music. Laugh at anything you can. And when all else fails, take a nap.

We have many tools right now to help us as human beings. Please remember, you are not alone and life is an amazing adventure. Thanks for being you and I hope to see you out there on the cosmic playground soon.



Alicia Mathewson is a singer/songwriter, meditation guide and master energy healing practitioner of the Rising Star. She owns Sounding Still Wellness in Hyannis, MA and serves all ages through music lessons, meditation classes, private energy healing sessions and live recordings. Learn more at www.soundingstillwellness.com