Winterizing Your Self-Care


A new year has been born with endless possibilities.
Hello to 2018 and a chance to create your authentic self or to simply stick to a new year’s resolution of eating healthier. What are your goals? However each of us intends to manifest our dreams this year we must endure the cold, grey winter of Cape Cod and her islands.
As New Englanders we are accustomed to the weather. Winter here on the Cape is liken to the ugly step-sister of summer. With June so far away how does one maintain their energy and enthusiasm?
Kindness to one’s self can be the start.

One kind word can warm three winter months. - Japanese Proverb

Most of us start the New Year with a blank canvas, planner and calendar. Fill them with positive images, quotes, manifestations. A daily reminder starting with an early morning routine and breakfast to nurture and allow rhythm to your day. Calm and focus a few minutes to clear your mind. Find gratitude. Find your word to focus on…to inspire your day.
Need help…look for Angel Cards and pick a word everyday. Inspirational word search online, favorite music or poetry.

Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers. - Kahlil Gibran

Find the space within your mind and heart to let go of negativity. Let go and forgive. Do not carry it now or with you into the future. This includes self talk that does not support your truth. Delete it. Erase! Re write your truth. Memorize your true and be it. Live it. If something gets you off track return to your kindness.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. - Dalai Lama

Kindness can start with yourself and allow that to branch out to family, friends, neighbors, and community. We all could use a little more. Small acts of kindness multiplied can be the world’s butterfly affect.

There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. - Edith Wharton


Sunshine: If you miss the sun because of the shortened days there may be something else to do besides move to Florida. What to do with wintertime sunshine cravings?

-When the sun shines take advantage! Go out and get some natural vitamin D.

-Taking supplements and eating foods rich in vitamin A and D is another option.

-Plan a vacation to somewhere sunny with friends.

-If that is outside the spectrum of possibilities,  try to keep your East curtains in your bedroom open to meet the day or make a Sunshine Sanctuary.

-Create a space close to a southwest window to read, meditate or relax in the sun. Open shades, drapes, and curtains to let the light in during peak hours while home. This could be your retreat, yoga, reflect or deflect the world space.                                                                                    

Plants & Aromatherapy: Create this sanctuary with plants if you have a green thumb. Try it. Design some Zen. Plants can purify your homes air and lower your stress levels. Misting can help maintain humidity levels for home and the plants. Check out care, pros and cons that can be found online or by going to a local greenhouse that will be just right for your home and family.                                             

-Going a step further; check out the possibility of planting a mini kitchen herb garden to reboot your culinary skills or for flavoring infused water.

-Make a sweet orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass aromatherapy mist. This may not be sunshine but it will smell wonderful and will awaken the senses while in “your” space. For relaxation use lavender. Light a candle. Relax and rejuvenate.

Nourish Dry Skin: Dry winter skin can be an ongoing problem for many. Our skin is the largest organ of the human body self care is definitely important during the winter months.

-Check your skin type. Find directions on line, with a dermatologist or skin care specialist if you have any questions. If you are thinking about skin routine for your face educate yourself first or see a professional.

-Be sure to perfect your moisturizing routine during the winter. Moisturize after showering and before sleep. Try bringing your favorite travel size with you wherever you go…pocketbook, gym bag, and even at your desk. Avoid those with water or alcohol as an ingredient. Creams in jars are usually richer and more effective. For dry lips a light splash of cold water allows for a more permeable layer to help a natural balm to seal in moisture.


Love your Feet: Take care of your feet by still getting pedicures. Our feet are missing the sand, water, grass, and the favorite flip flops just as much as we do so pamper them. New socks, slippers, and good supportive boots/shoes for the season. Keep them warm and dry from the elements. After a difficult day lotion tired feet liberally and wear cotton socks to bed for some TLC.

Stay Hydrated: Hydrating from the outside is great but your skin will thank you if it comes from within. Staying hydrated will help regulate your homeostasis, body temperature, metabolism, and help the body fight common winter illnesses. All great reasons to drink more water, herbal tea, or hot water with citrus during the Winter.

There are many great ideas out there for self care. Ideas to make you think ahead and find solutions to the Winter blues. Hope does spring eternal but for right here today for this moment, be kind to yourself and others.
Be prepared - make sure your car is full of gas and running well. Get milk, bread, and toilet paper.
Be the light in your own day, someone else’s, and smile it’s contagious.
Find great local events to go to that can support a healthy lifestyle.


Reva Joly is a Licensed Certified Muscular Therapist who graduated in 2001 from the Muscular Therapy Institute, currently Cortiva Institute. There she attended a two year (900 hr)comprehensive training program including: anatomy, physiology, pathology and technique. Reva continues to further her knowledge by taking exciting workshops: Pre and Peri Natal, Cranio Sacral level I and II, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Before starting her own business she worked with Chiropractors, in an Ayervedic Spa, and a Physical Therapist. These great experiences help Reva individualize each session to help each client reach their goals. Creative by nature she graduated with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1993 and with a AA from Cape Cod Community College 1989.  Please find her on facebook @revajolymassagetherapy  

Balancing her time for ten years she proudly works part-time as a program assistant at Harborpoint in Centerville, an assisted living facility for Dementia and Alzeheimer's. 

Reva has collaborated with Alice Curran and Ayanna Parrent to form True You Wellness. It's mission is to bring together holistic wellness professionals on Cape Cod to educate and create awareness to the Cape community. Visit or Come to the free expo on January 21st at Cape Space from 1-4pm.