Trying a New Form of Exercise...We Are All Nervous At First

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Just recently, a friend asked me to check out a new class with her, one that she had been attending for the last several weeks…Buti Yoga. My fitness routine includes teaching Hula Hoop® Fitness, attending yoga classes and running, so this class was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I walked into the class that morning at Wellbeloved Wellness not knowing what to expect, aside from what I’d seen on Facebook ads. I was nervous! Sure, I have participated in many types of yoga and consider myself to be physically fit, but this was entirely NEW and made me nervous…maybe even a little scared. So many thoughts running through my mind, “will I like it?”, “will I look silly”, “what if I can’t do something?” All of these thoughts go through our minds when we try something new and it's completely normal. The outcome? It was fantastic and totally my thing. I cannot wait to return to another class! I was so happy that I pushed myself to try something new!

With many fresh classes available to us, including; Hula Hoop Fitness, Pound, BollyX, Pole Fitness and Buti Yoga, it’s important to continue to learn and find what’s right for you!

In Hula Hoop® Fitness, many students who I teach show up to their first class and say “I can’t hula hoop, but it looks like so much fun.” I find it important for each student to search and ask why they are there. Some students are looking for a fun way to exercise, some for community and others look for a real challenge. Many new students have tried the traditional gym routine without a progressing interest. With hooping, students are able to take the class at their own pace, searching for what they really need in each class.

Remember it’s always important to take our time as we become acquainted with any new form of exercise. Allowing our muscles time to adjust will reduce the risk of injury as we progress in intensity with any new activity.

Cape Fit Hoops offers hula hoop fitness classes throughout Cape Cod. Certified hula hoop fitness instructor, Jessie Decker guides students through high intensity workouts with very low impact. Certified in Hoop Fitness, Hoopyasa & Future Hoopers through FXP Fitness. All levels are welcome and hoops are always available for use. For a current class schedule, please visit:

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