In Home Functional Training for Baby Boomers

If you are 52-77, you are a Baby Boomer. This generation is characterized as being born post WWII, when there was a noticeable increase in births. The Baby Boomer generation is characterized as becoming the wealthiest, most active and fit generation to emerge from any previous generation.

Full disclosure...I belong to this generation.

Many Baby Boomers have spent their lives working and are now shifting their focus to financial planning and retirement plans. However, many of them have neglected exercise during their working years. What does their physical future look like? Who's body will they use in retirement?  Now is the time to plan for their physical future, so they can move into retirement feeling healthy and vibrant. 

I have found, as a personal trainer, that these Baby Boomers are most interested in developing an In Home Functional Training program. I design my programs to allow for clients to have the strength, balance and energy to better perform all of the activities of everyday life.

The main piece of portable equipment I use for in home training is a stability trained called TRX. All of the exercises performed with the TRX are challenging but can be modified depending on fitness goals, strengths and weaknesses. TRX stability training requires your entire body to be engaged while moving from upper to lower body and then on to core exercises, allowing oppossing muscle groups to alternate between rest and work. This provides a nice flow.

Circuits are the most fun and effective, with the added bonus of heart rate elevation. 

Below is an example of a 20 minute workout:


Chest Press    45 sec

Rest   15 sec

Back Press    45 sec

Rest    15 sec

Squats   45 sec

Rest 15 sec



Plank    45 sec

Rest   15 sec

Jumping Jacks   45 sec

Rest   45 sec


Triceps Press   45 sec

Rest   15 sec

Biceps Curl   45 sec

Rest   15 sec

1 Leg Lunge   45 sec

Rest   15 sec


Side Plank   45 sec

Rest   15 sec

March/High Knee   45 sec

Rest   15 sec


Remember, there is always a way to modify your exercise program, stopping should never be an option. As our population ages, we need to remain active. As Helen Hayes says, 'when you rest, you rust'.

Annie Gibbons is the owner and personal trainer at One on One Personal Fitness Training. She has been living on Cape Cod since 1996 and loves providing her clients the tools, education and motivation they need to achieve their fitness goals that will change their lives.

Annie can be reached at:

(508) 237-0595