A Deeper Look at Toxins in Your Skin Care

Are you an ingredient detective? As a natural + organic product formulator for over 20 years, I’m thrilled! This growing understanding of the harm toxic chemicals cause has become my life’s work. This awareness leaves a healthier legacy to future generations, to our planet, extends lives.

However, in our zeal for “wellness”, I’m concerned we’ve gone too far.

I’m an herbalist, born into it of many generations, with both a clinical and holistic background. I translate this knowledge into organic, botanical based skincare.

I love the chemistry of it all, which is to my mind another way of saying the energetics, the individual properties of every delicious component becoming a new delightful thing altogether!

Back to the pendulum swing. It’s come to my attention with recent clients. I've seen firsthand the damage that can be caused by our wellness obsession.  They worry relentlessly about harming their fertility, themselves, their children. 

So much worry.

This worry is capitalized on, and exploited, by many companies. It’s disheartening.

Self care should be about joy, special moments, uncovering personal treasure. It should be about reveling in one’s own beauty, and power. Deep thought. Transforming. Being and becoming. Self empowerment, connection within.  Narcissus with the pool and sweet Daphne.

Not worry! 

Environmental Working Group/Skin Deep amplifies this worry. I ask you all to stop relying on them so much. It’s a very successful non-profit. They have been an important part of preliminary education. However, they review scientific papers, and do not hire scientists to do this. Many ratings, 1-10 are given, with”lack of data”, “no data”, or”risk of contamination” given as justification. They create fear without providing the relevant empirical data. Don't accept this.

I meet once a year at a convention/education event with other cosmetic chemists, natural herbal and organic, and the dismay over what this company has become is unanimous.  Yet, it’s captured a huge part of our wellness movement!  

I invite you to dig deeper, discern more and worry less. 

Some resources for greater empowerment:
Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers
Global Spin, by Sharon Beder

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Anya Messina is an herbalist and owner of Anya's Herbals. Her hand-blended products can be found at various markets throughout the Cape and on her Etsy shop: http://www.anyasherbals.shop.etsy.com