How to Eat when You're Anxious

When we are feeling anxious, we have probably heard that we need to take some deep breaths or get fresh air in nature. We often don’t realize we can reduce anxiety by what we are and aren’t eating throughout the day!

1. Sip herbal tea

We are often busy and overwhelmed, which can create fatigue. We tend to turn to caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks for a quick energy boost. Although they make us feel good in the moment, they affect our nervous system and can create even more anxiety. Instead, try sipping herbal tea that includes peppermint, chamomile or lavender. The pure act of sipping tea allows you to relax into the calming scent and slow down. Experiment with a few herbal teas to find some of your favorites.

2. Eat a protein snack


Sometimes when we are feeling anxious, it may be caused from imbalanced blood sugar. Always carry simple snacks with you if you are on the go and busy:

  • Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots with peanut butter

  • Trail mix including walnuts or almonds

  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • Green smoothie

  • Banana with almond butter

  • Homemade granola with nuts and seeds

3. Eat Balanced Meals

Eating meals incorporating omega-3 fatty acids, protein, magnesium and b-vitamins, are super beneficial to your brain, therefore, lowering your anxious thoughts. Incorporate salmon, leafy greens, organic eggs, chia seeds, walnuts, avocado and flax oil into your diet. If you are unable to have a big lunch, add these items to your breakfast. Keep it simple and plan ahead whenever possible.

Make sure to also be drinking plenty of water and taking supplements such as a whole food multivitamin, b-complex, d3, fish oil, and magnesium. You may be surprised at the difference with your anxiety when you create these healthy habits!


Shayna Mahoney is a transformational holistic life coach who is passionate about giving women hope to embrace their anxiety and find peace and power within. She specializes in showing young women how to find who they are meant to be, rather than constantly feeling lost and lonely. She combines her background of nutrition, psychology, human development, coaching techniques, sense of humor and personal experience to transform how the mind and body are fully connected. She offers private coaching, retreats, Reiki, candles, articles and more.

She lives on Cape Cod, a mile from the beach with her husband, dog and cat.
Head to her site to download her free Hope Meditation to go from feeling anxious to calm in only 5 minutes.