Wellbeloved Wellness offers a boutique fitness studio experience right here on Cape Cod


The health, wellness and sustainability community is vast and includes many types of businesses that we think are interesting and different.

We chatted with Nicole Wellbeloved (yes, that is her name, for real!), owner of Wellbeloved Wellness, a Barre and Fitness studio in Marstons Mills where the aim is to carefully chose health and fitness programs for each individual that work - with commitment, persistence and consistent effort. 

EF:  How did you get into the health and wellness business?

NW:  I had always been I guess what you would call a "gym rat", going to the gym everyday working out with my personal trainer or taking classes.  For a long time I ran a lot and did a lot of 5K races (I never wanted to do anything longer than that). 
I exercised not only for my body but for my mind.  After having my 4 children I noticed it wasn't as easy to lose the weight even though I was exercising like I had before, the scale would not move.  I then found the Ideal Protein protocol.  This is when I learned that exercise is only 20% of keeping your body healthy and 80% is what you put into your mouth.  In 6 weeks I lost 30lbs and 15 inches around my body.  I couldn't believe it and I couldn't believe how good I felt. 

EF:  What drove you to open Wellbeloved Wellness? 

NW:  After I lost my weight I started working at an Ideal Protein clinic.  I was there for 1 year and decided that I loved helping people lose their weight and making them healthier so much that I wanted to start my own Ideal Protein Clinic.  I knew I wanted to expand my own clinic into a Wellness Center, a one stop for nutrition and fitness.  However, I also knew that I wanted it to be a place that people would feel like they wanted to be there and wanted to come back.  A place that has a certain vibe and energy that people crave to have in their lives.  A NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!

EF:  How is Wellbeloved Wellness a different experience from a typical gym?

NW:  Wellbeloved Wellness will never be a gym, it will always be a Fitness Studio Boutique.  What this means is we only offer specialty classes that most gyms do not offer.  I really try to stay up to date with the newest and greatest workouts for your body head to toe.  We are not a franchise but myself and all of the instructors who work here at Wellbeloved Wellness are trained and certified in everything we offer.  This is why we can offer so many different types of Barre classes.  For example we are certified in BeyondBarre which allows us to use a glide board, Meca which allows us to use the Meca Wedge which is an amazing core, stability building tool, stools for Barre Stool (lots of cardio) and TRX for Barre Suspend and Bootcamps.  Then of course on March 1, 2017 we brought Buti Yoga to Cape Cod and the Island which is an absolutely must to try!! 


EF:  You offer barre classes - do you have to be coordinated and graceful to do them?!

NW:  Absolutely not!  We help you and give a modification for everything, as I  said before we are a No Judgement Zone.  You do what you can do.  We are just happy that you are here to make yourself healthier and stronger.

EF:  Talk to us about Buti Yoga? What is it?!

NW:  Buti Yoga is the most amazing class you might ever take, it gives you such a euphoric feeling during and after class.  The class temperature is hot, music is bumpin', everyone is in their own zone.  Buti Yoga is a trademarked style of yoga that combines jump training (Plyometrics), Tribal dancing and Dynamic yoga asanas into an intense work out.  So, basically one minute you could be in a pigeons pose an the next minute you could be doing a burpee.  The word Buti comes from the spoken language in parts of Western India, Marathi.  The meaning of Buti is "a secret remedy or cure".

EF:  Who should come see you?

NW:  The answer to this is simple.  Anyone, men or women who want to change their lifestyle for the better.  Whether it be to lose weight, come off of certain medications, learn how to eat better, workout, try something new, feel like your apart of something that is your own or to just challenge yourself!  Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Well, Be Loved