A Vibrant Holiday


The Holiday Season is a time to connect with loved ones and celebrate the simple joys of life.  But, by the time the end of December rolls around, most of us are feeling so depleted and exhausted that we end up limping through the Holidays feeling resentful and totally burnt out.

We've put together 5 Simple, Quick and Effective Self-Care Tips to help you feel strong, vibrant and present as you gather with family & friends over the next few weeks. When you carve out a little time for your own self-care, you'll prevent a total burnout.

1. Suck in the Fresh Air - Nature is absolutely fuel for the soul. Numerous psychology studies have linked exposure to nature with increased energy and a heightened sense of well-being. With the colder temperature and shorter days, people are more apt to retreat to their couch than to bundle up and head outdoors, but even 10 minutes of exposure a day will significantly boost vitality levels. So, bundle up and suck in some fresh air.

2. Mindful Breathing - Reaping the benefits of deep breathing does not have to be fancy. Try taking 10 deep breaths when you're taking your morning shower. Or, practice your belly breathing when you hit a red light. Even a few mindful, deep breaths can completely revitalize you.

3. Minimize the Sugar Intake - We all know sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies. It does a job on our liver, our adrenals and taxes our nervous system, leaving us completely depleted. Try to make conscious choices through the Holiday Season and limit your sugar and alcohol intake. If need be, eat a protein rich snack before the party so you're less tempted to fuel up on junk.

4. Don't have time for a Bath? Soak your Feet - Grab a plastic tub or bucket, fill with warm water, a cup of Epsom salts and even a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you have on hand. Soaking your feet for 10 minutes in Epsom salts will give you the same stress reducing effects as taking a bath!

5. Sip Warm Water and Tea - Even mild dehydration will have an effect on your cognitive function. In addition, a lack of water will over work your kidneys, causing your blood pressure to rise. Your hydration is directly connected to how vibrant you feel. Grab a portable container, fill it up with warm water or tea and sip, sip, sip away all day long!

Wishing you and yours the most VIBRANT Holiday Season!



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