Winter Wellness Guide


Winter often gets a bad rap. If the dreary elements are not enough to dampen spirits, the dreaded flu scares even the strongest. However, there’s a way to stay healthy in every season, even during winter when the wind begins to blow and the earth becomes cold and dry. Nature always provides what’s needed to nurture and boost the body. To withstand the winter, here are some tips to stabilize and soothe the body with seasonal food and lifestyle choices.

Fortifying Foods


Winter is associated with cold, air, dry and light. To stay balanced, select foods that are warm, moist, heavy and oily. The goal is to stabilize and soothe the body. Root vegetables (and others grown in versus above ground) are especially helpful for grounding. An increase in fat, protein and fiber (whole grains) will also help fortify. Raw, cold and dry foods may not be appealing (for example: salads, smoothies & crackers). Hot food such as soups and stews will help moisturize and soothe.

Repeatable Routines


The cold and wind of winter can be destabilizing. Although food can help provide a foundation, a consistent daily routine will also provide support for the season. To generate stability, it’s best to do the same thing—wake, eat, exercise, sleep—at the same time each day during the winter months. Silence and stillness in the morning will also help provide a sense of peace for the day ahead. Any repeatable routine will generate much needed stability.

Instead of battling the elements this winter, consider naturally balancing the body through a seasonal routine. For a more complete food and activity list, click here to instantly download a two-page guide.


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