Juice for Thought

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In order to practice a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, it is most important to establish a new relationship with food. I've found that juicing is one tool we can use to create those new relationships. Another way to strengthen your relationships is by connecting to local food sources, farms and a variety of fruits and vegetables. It allows you to receive the most nutritional value from your food, plus meet the people that grew it. Remember, food is a way to heal, provide efficient fuel for your body and prevent vitamin deficiencies. Each season brings new crops in New England. Therefore, Juicing Season is Every Season.

Reasons to Juice

1. Juicing can help you absorb vitamins + minerals, so think of it as your multivitamin.

2. Juicing is good for digestive health. It aids digestion + can heal damage that has been created in the GI tract.

3. Juicing can boost your immune system by helping your body resist + fight infections.

4. Juicing has anti-aging properties, well, because so does fruits + vegetables.

5. Juicing can improve circulation, enhance brain function + reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

6. My favorite: Juicing can reduce the negative effects that stress causes on our body.

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Juicing Tips:

-AVOID JUICE CLEANSES. The 'all-or-nothing' approach to nutrition is dangerous and may feed an unhealthy lifestyle pattern.

-Know that {commercial juices} often contain added sugars, preservatives + are from concentrate, even though they may say they are not on the front of packaging.

-Choose the best juicer for you! Start small, then upgrade. {Slow Juicer/Cold-press or Centrifugal}

-Best times to juice are before breakfast, mid-morning or in the afternoon.

-Always add more vegetables than fruit to your juices.

-Choose 1 or 2 fruits to sweeten your juice {apple, pineapple or pear}

-Always incorporate greens {swiss chard, beet greens, baby spinach, pea greens, kale}

-Drink your juice within 3 days and keep it refrigerated.

-Your juice will last longer in GLASS!


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Nicole Cormier RD, LDN is the owner of Delicious Living Nutrition, an author and local food enthusiast. In addition to her growing nutrition counseling practice, she is co-owner of the cold-pressed juice company, The Local Juice & Pantry. Nicole earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA and completed a postgraduate Dietetic Internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. Her passion for local food is included in her nutrition counseling, consulting and education.